Letting Go

To be upset about something insignificant is probably indicative of a larger problem. Insignificant like when someone forgets to say 'thank you' or disagrees with your choice of movies, or when there's no milk for your cereal, or someone cuts you off when driving on Route 1, or when you can't get your earring into the hole. or your sock slipping off inside your shoe, or when someone asks you to do something differently.

I feel so upset with myself when I look back at all the times I have reacted negatively to small things, but I know that doesn't help me move forward. Regretting my past decisions is living in the past which can't possibly help me.

Sometimes the smallest things can unhinge us, even when we are doing our best to improve ourselves and our lives. I know I'm not alone. I see it in my co-workers, family, friends and clients. Sometimes we're so busy trying to be right, that we don't let things go. We let thoughts take over our hearts and minds.

It may take courage to listen to your heart because what it suggests often seems too easy. It might say "Just let it go" or "It's no big deal" and you may be afraid you're going to let someone get away with something. When you tune into your heart, often your attitude adjusts and you find responses that are more satisfying to you.

How can I be calm? How can I let things go that cause inner turmoil?

I have to tell you that I have been crazy and I have been calm and calm is better. Life is often said to be a journey of letting go and realizing that one is already whole and complete. Inner conflict is when you're battling with yourself. To escape inner conflict, troubling thoughts must be put to rest. I can let things go and accept them for what they were.

We need to step back and ask ourselves, "Are the thoughts going through my head actually true or did I create them to be something else?"

I know the true self is not concerned with small things. The heart is where the true self resides. But without practice, it's hard to hear your heart.

I know telling myself "these thoughts are not me" can help me find calm. I know I am not my thoughts. Another way to let go is to ask myself if this will matter in an hour? A day? A week? Usually it won't matter.